> Are there tea and coffee making facilities?

Yes, Our venues have tea and coffee making facilities. Please BYO tea/coffee/milk/sugar and coffee cups

> Do I have to set the room up myself?

Yes, unless you have included and set up and pack down service with your booking. Otherwise, we supply the tables and chairs and it is the responsibility of the hirer to set up and pack down. It is important you allow time for set-up/pack down in your booking time and please be considerate to the next hirer and vacate the room on time, leaving it clean and tidy.

> Do you have a projector and screen?

Yes. We have a projector and screen you may hire for $35 per day.

> Are there any restrictions on alcohol consumption in any of the venues?

Responsible drinking of alcohol is permitted within each facility. If you plan to sell alcohol as part of your event or booking you will be required to obtain a liquor licence from the licensing authority and follow applicable 'Responsible Service of Alcohol' laws for the duration of your event.

The Lennox Head Cultural Centre is our one licensed venue.

> Am I required to have my own insurance?

Hirers that fit one of the following descriptions must provide a copy of public liability insurance to a minimum value of $20 million – incorporated groups; companies; organisations; and users undertaking physical activities.

> Are the venues air conditioned?

Ballina Surf Club

Function Rooms 1 and 2 are both air-conditioned. Function Room 3 has windows that open up to allow cross ventilation.


All three meeting rooms are air-conditioned. The Sports Courts are designed with cross ventilation.

All other venues are fully air-conditioned.

> Will the Community Spaces Team help promote my event or activity?

We have a dedicated marketing person that can assist with promoting your regular activity or event. This is a free service and will be discussed with you at the time of your booking.

> Am I required to clean up after my booking?

Yes please. We ask that you leave the room clean and tidy - pack away the chairs, wipe down and pack away the tables. All rubbish is to be bagged and left neatly for collection. Floors should be swept if necessary.

> Am I required to have security at my function?

For all private functions, that involve alcohol, or finish after 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and are larger in number than fifty guests, you are required to have security on site from 10pm until the conclusion of your event and the departure of your last guest. Note that all events must be concluded and the venue closed by midnight.

> Do you offer catering for events?

Please refer to our list of local caterers that can cater for your event.

> What is the Lennox Head Cultural Centre's Noise Management Plan?

  1. Events with Amplified Music/Band with Bass and Drums
    1. Closest residents to be notified of an upcoming music event.
    2. Amplified music to cease before midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, otherwise before 11.00pm.
    3. Not more than one amplified music event in a week and not more than 26 events per year.
    4. Noise levels in bass frequencies to be constrained to not more than 106 dB (linear) in each of the three octave bands 63Hz and 250 Hz.  A noise monitor will be installed and set to indicate when these levels are being exceeded.  Although these levels are likely to be in the order of 15dB above the quietest background levels in these octave bands at the closest receivers, they are to be considered lawful.
    5. Should the noise monitor indicate excessive levels of noise, function organisers will be required to reduce the volume levels to ensure compliance.
    6. The microphone used for noise monitoring is to be located on the eastern side of the hall in a tamperproof location.  The monitor visual display unit is to be located in a highly visible location.
  1. Review Process
    1. All noise complaints are to be reviewed by Community Facilities staff and reported to the Manager, Customer Service and Communications for resolution.
    2. The complaint and type of event will be reviewed and if required, the number of allowable events and permissible base levels will be reviewed.


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